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Spi R-FSP1000-50TGM 10000W Atx Eps 24PIN 13CM Bb Fan Apfc 10*SATA Pci-e 80PLUS Power Supply

R-FSP1000-50TGM 10000W Atx Eps 24PIN5 Star Rating
RFSP100050TGM 10000W Atx Eps 24PINSpi RFSP100050TGM 10000W Atx Eps 24PIN 13CM Bb Fan Apfc 10SATA Pcie 80PLUS Power Supply Image 1
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R-FSP1000-50TGM 10000W Atx Eps 24PIN made by Spi supplies new power within your computer. Just one of the key attributes for these power supplies is the spi r-fsp1000-50tgm 10000w atx eps 24pin 13cm bb fan apfc 10*sata pci-e 80plus power supply. Other features consist of spi r-fsp1000-50tgm, 1-year warranty and new - retail. The power supply has a weight of 10 lbs. Purchasing the R-FSP1000-50TGM 10000W Atx Eps 24PIN. To get the same low price I ran across, visit our partners via the link.

apfc pci-e power plus gold

Price: $201.01

Product Info

Features:ATX12V V2. 92Modular80 PLUS GOLD Certified90 - 264 V 3 and EPS12V V2.


  • New - Retail
  • SPI R-FSP1000-50TGM 10000W ATX EPS 24PIN 13CM BB FAN APFC 10*SATA PCI-E 80Plus Power Supply
  • SPI R-FSP1000-50TGM
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Count: 1
  • Weight: 10 lbs.

Lookup Codes:RFSP100050TGM 10000W Atx Eps 24PIN

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